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Our Schools are located in 
Scarborough & Markham 

We are now Offering 
Taekwondo Classes
 to Absolute Beginners 
or Non-Members 
6:30 PM - Monday to Friday

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Call Today @ 416-602-4875

Shane Cunningham
with his Instructor since 1999

- Pioneer Grand Master Jong Soo Park



Dear Friends, Family and TKD Family.
Patricia, my mother, and I have recently been humbled and honoured in accepting the exclusive offer from Grand Master Jong Soo Park of carrying, maintaining and deepening the Jong Park legacy.  Grand Master Park and his spouse, deservingly, will retire from operating the Scarborough Jong Park School.
We look forward to sharing and adjusting to this next chapter with our peers, who like us, have participated in a decade or much more of dedicated training under Grand Master Park.  Together we share Grand Master Park’s passion and direction for Tae Kwon-Do which we will no doubt express in our future classes.  We look forward to Grand Master Park’s visits, his future contributions to Tae Kwon-Do and his regular participation at Jong Park Black Belt promotion tests.
The Cunningham Taekwondo Markham community of students and families proudly recognizes this authentic growth opportunity, further evolving this location’s unique ability to provide legitimate avenues in both Traditional Tae Kwon-Do and Olympic Taekwondo.
Congratulations Grand Master Jong Soo Park on what was and will continue to be a most historical and impactful presence in the world of Martial Arts and Tae Kwon-Do.
Thank you everyone for all ongoing support.  Thank you for believing in me now, then and in this bright future!
Shane Cunningham,

Master Shane Cunningham, 

5th Degree Black Belt


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